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Jane Holden is a lusty single mom with a record breaking libido and frustrated fantasies of hardcore sex. After the recent demise of her sexless marriage, she has a lot of ground to cover and loves sex nearly any way she can get it. That’s a good thing as she enters the dungeon catacombs, because there are some rough inhabitants who all want a piece of her voluptuous body. Her curvy body is a delicacy, and the keeper is intent on possessing it…and not in a good way. He commands his minions to pass her around to the many unusual inhabitants to persuade her to submit, saving the most dangerous for last. They all enjoy her perfectly delectable body, and some are even tempted to take a bite out of it.

About the Casual (sex) Gamer series

The librarian, Jane Holden, is the main character in the Casual (sex) Gamer series. She’s a lusty divorcée and all of her life, she fantasized about rough, kinky sex, bondage, and even dubious consent. When she’s accidentally transported into her son’s video game, Jane discovers that the game characters are sadistic as hell, and satisfyingly brutal enough to quench her lusty desires. Their tastes are a perfect match for hers and no matter how rough things get in the gaming world, she is always returned home sexually satisfied, exhausted and physically unharmed.


“Fuck!” the knight gasped out, his eyes shifting shade again as he briefly rejected the keeper in his excitement. The light changed back after a second and he straightened and gave her ass a ringing slap. “Up you get then, hero. Clean me off now before I rust.”

Feeling sleepy, Jane crawled across the bed and licked the knight’s cock clean. When she finished, she collapsed back on his soft pillows, too tired to go anywhere. “I need a little nap,” she said, closing her eyes and hoping that when she woke up in a few hours, he’d fuck her again. “Why don’t you wake me later by shoving that perfectly formed cock down my throat,” she mumbled, rolling onto her side. She liked spooning and wondered what it would be like with someone covered in armor.

The door burst open and a gaggle of imps charged into the room, grabbing Jane’s hands and dragging her off the bed. “Afraid not,” the knight said with amusement, watching them go. “Looks like keeper wants you again. You’ll need to convert to survive Horny later, I’m sure he’ll explain then.”

The imps grabby little hands were everywhere, tweaking nipples, clit, butt…everything. One of them grabbed a thigh, wrapping its arms and legs around her as it licked eagerly at her cunt, cleaning her out. Before long they were back at the torture chamber, strapping her out on a rack before leaving her alone again.

Her eyes flew open as the hoard of imps carted her off with grabbing hands, gasping as one of the perverted little creatures nuzzled into the folds of her pussy. Jane began to worry when the knight mentioned something about converting to survive, but the sight of the torture room sent her into a near panic.

“No, wait! I’m done with this room!” she argued, trying to kick them away. There were too many of them and the struggling only succeeded in exhausting her.

Strapped down and incensed, Jane glared at the retreating creatures and imagined picking them off one-by-one with her son’s bb-gun. She tugged at the straps and sadly discovered that she wasn’t going anywhere.

“This sucks!” she shouted in frustration.

“No, that’s your job,” the mistress purred as she reentered the room, smiling down at Jane’s spreadeagled body. Her claw tips traced gentle circles on her breasts before the latex clad woman climbed onto the rack. She knelt astride Jane’s face, smiling down as she sliced her suit open with one nail.

A snap of her fingers summoned several other mistresses, all smaller and more scarred than the alpha. “Until you submit, you’re mine,” she said simply. “The keeper has removed the limits on what I can do to you, so I’ll give you a brief taste to convince you of the pleasure before we get to serious pain.”

The mistress winked down at Jane as she lowered her body, rubbing her musky crotch on the captive’s mouth. “Lick and suck at me and I’ll order the others to do the same to you.” The scent of cinnamon filled Jane’s nose as the mistress’ juices coated her face.

Jane tried her best, but this was her first time with another woman. Even though she had a pussy, it in no way made her an expert when it came to eating one. She knew her own tasted delicious, because many a man had told her so, but that didn’t mean she wanted to taste one herself. It just wasn’t up her alley, so to speak.

The fact that the woman perched above her tasted like a cinnamon roll helped immensely, so she went to work. Her tongue flicked the woman’s clit from side to side in fast rhythmic strokes. The woman groaned and Jane suddenly felt a wet mouth attach itself to her clit.

Jane pierced the cunt above her as deep as she could with her tongue, tasting more cinnamon. A low purring from above told her she was on the right track and she began to groan herself, as a strangely long tongue impaled her. Jane’s groan vibrated upward causing the woman above her to cry out as she came.

When the mouth between Jane’s legs began to flick at her clit, an earthquake of an orgasm rolled through her, causing her entire body to shudder and quake in delight.

“Want to submit yet, hero?” asked the mistress softly as she stroked Jane’s cheek. “This is your last chance before we turn to pain then dump what’s left of you in with Horny anyway. If you submit, the keeper can transport you out of there if need be. If you’re unaligned, then you’re on your own.”